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Journal Pro

    First, please understand that while the Desktop and Pocket PC versions of Journal Pro are able to read the same data files allowing you to keep your journal on both platforms, Journal Pro is not responsible for the syncing process. Microsoft ActiveSync provides the necessary functionality to keep your journal files in sync across platforms.

    Here are the excerpts from some email responses that have helped customers through the process of getting file sync setup...

I’m assuming that you’ve already setup ActiveSync to handle the file synchronization as is described in the help file of Journal Pro on both platforms. If you’ve done that, then the most common mistake that our customers make is to create a journal file on both platforms and then expect those to be merged upon a sync. That’s not the way it works. The simplest way to get sync working is to have your journal file on only one platform. Then, after a sync, use the File | Open… menu item to open the file that was just synced from the other platform. Then, any edits made and saved will automatically be transferred back to the other platform when the file is saved.


More detailed step by step instructions... 

·         Connect your device to the desktop

·         Let ActiveSync kick in and complete the sync, but leave your device connected

·         Double click the ActiveSync icon in the toolbar to bring up the ActiveSync application

·         Click the Options button in the ActiveSync toolbar

·         You’ll see a list of all the items that ActiveSync is capable of syncing. Make sure that the checkbox beside “FILES” is selected. Click OK

·         Leave the ActiveSync window visible

·         Launch Journal Pro on the desktop

·         Again, make sure you can see the ActiveSync window

·         Modify the text in Journal Pro and select Save As… Make sure you are saving into the Pocket PC My Documents folder (the folder name may be different depending on the name you've given your device) and supply the name “Test Journal” for the journal file

·         Click the Save button

·         Watch ActiveSync… does it kick in after you’ve saved the file? It should. It should have noticed the new file in the directory and it should now be copying it to the pocket pc. If it’s not then there is a configuration problem with ActiveSync

·         Launch Journal Pro on the pocket pc

·         Select Tools | Open…

·         You should see the name Test Journal available now since it was just synced from the desktop. Select this file

·         You should now see the text that you had entered on the desktop


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