Daily Quote Modules
Now available for Pocket PC 2002!  
Download the 2002 version of the Daily Quote Today Module here!

Download the quote data file in French! Get it here

Our Daily Quote plug-in for the Pocket PC Today screen and Snoopsoft Dashboard will bring to you each day a new and inspiring quote to motivate your actions throughout the day. 365 quotes in all from world leaders and great minds throughout the ages. New in version 2.0 is the ability to edit the text file in which the quotes are stored so that you can choose your own favorite quotes. Version 2.1 of the MyDash module allows for user selected text color.

Screen Shot:

Daily Quote Plug-in on Today Screen and in Snoopsoft Dashboard

Note: After installing the Daily Quote Today Screen Plug-in use the Today configuration application to enable and position our plug-in. If you install the Dashboard plug-in just use the Dashboard configuration screen to enable our plug-in on the My Dash screen.

Editing the data file: If you want to modify the verses which are displayed by the application you will need to edit the file dq.txt which is installed in the \Windows directory of your pocket pc. The format of the file is very simple:


where date is represented as a number constructed from the month and the day. January dates are represented as 101 through 131, October dates are 1001 through 1031, and so on. All of the dates are already in the file, so you'll only need to edit the text portion which follows the date. Just make sure that the character | appears after the date and after the text or the file will not be able to be parsed correctly.

Download Daily Quote:

The Daily Quote Plug-in is available for download at Handango (www.handango.com) as well as directly from our site.



Daily Quote Today Screen Plug-in (for all processor types)

Daily Quote Dashboard Plug-in (for all processor types)

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