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NOW AVAILABLE! - RichInk controls for both .Net and C/C++ developers! More info...

Now you too can harness the power of the RichInk control in your own applications! Full control over every aspect of this control including: Font selection, color selection, font formatting, paragraph formatting, highlighting, typing, writing, drawing, pen weights and colors, voicebar. Data is available as Text, RTF or native PWI format. Very simple API. Write a full fledged word processing application with just 50 lines of code. Sample applications included. Demo is fully functional!


At DSRTech we design, develop and deploy software to meet your needs and fit your budget. We understand how important the mobility of your applications and data is to you, and we strive to give you the most powerful software at a very reasonable price. With several years experience in the retail, internet and e-commerce software industry, you can be assured that we'll deliver quality software that meets your specifications.


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